Message from Deputy Superintendent

Dear certified staff,
If you are a certified staff member in the Montrose County School District, you are certainly aware that the state has implemented annual effectiveness evaluations for all licensed teachers, support professionals, and principals.  MCSD in conjunction with licensed staff developed the following the steps of evaluation as specified in Senate Bill 191(SB191). The steps and what you can expect are outlined below.

Step 1.  In the fall, the administrator responsible for your evaluation will ask you to complete a Professional Growth Plan, due sometime around October 1.  You will be asked to identify, based ideally on a previous evaluation and self-reflection, an area of professional growth, and necessary resources to accomplish this goal.

Step 2.  Over the course of the year your administrator will be tasked with making informal observations of you as an educator.  Probationary teachers are to be informally observed 6 times throughout the year, while non-probationary teachers will be observed 3 times.  These observations can occur anywhere in the educator’s day, they are not confined to classroom.

Step 3.  Your administrator will conduct a formal observation, two if you are probationary, either in your classroom or performing your duties as a licensed support person.  Unlike in past years, there is no requirement for a pre-conference, nor any requirement to schedule this observation.  Formal observations last a minimum of thirty-minutes and require a post observation meeting.

Step 4.  Finally, your administrator will schedule your annual evaluation.  This evaluation includes observations, both formal and informal, as well as student assessment data, and, teacher provided documentation of effective practice.  This evaluation can be summative in nature.

Schools within our district are currently at various stages of completion of these steps.  Administrators within the district have been given the latitude to accomplish the evaluations of their staff according to a loosely defined calendar.  We as a district are evaluating the process at the same time as the rest of the state.  

According to SB191 the school year 2013-2014 is a “hold harmless” year.  This means that your evaluation, no matter what the results, has no bearing on your probationary status within the District.  None.  Please let this put any fear you have about the process to rest for this year.  The goal of Montrose County School District, and the rest of the state, is to evaluate the evaluation tool, and nothing more.  

Furthermore, moving in to the future, our district views this evaluation tool as a means to encourage continuous collaboration, promote professional growth throughout all stages of teacher’s careers, and support on-going training and learning.  While the law allows for the use of these evaluations in making personnel decisions, please rest assured that personnel decisions within our district are made based on a number of factors; annual evaluation is only one of these.

At the end of this year evaluators will be asked to submit ONLY the summary report from the report tab of the state provided evaluation tool.  No portfolios or bodies of evidence will be submitted to the district office for review.

We, as administrators, appreciate the job you do for our students.  It is our goal to honor, support, and improve the teachers within our district.  As professionals, our licensed staff deserves an honest reflection of the work they do and a road map to improve their craft.

Kirk Henwood
Deputy Superintendent

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