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Peer Mentor Spotlight

Peer Mentor Spotlight

Meet Angelica!

Angelica Maestas
My name is Angelica Maestas. I started going to Vista at the beginning of my Senior year. I decided to go to Vista because I heard very good things about it and how you work independently but yet you also have that support if you need it. When I started going I really loved it so much.

Then I got pregnant and was so afraid that all of my peers were going to be judgmental even though plenty of times I have been told that it’s a non-judgmental place, that Vista welcomes young ladies who are pregnant or even have kids. I just feel like I wasn’t in my mindset to be there. I decided that making money and having a career so that my child could have everything he needs was more important.

Now that my kid is almost one, and I’m no longer employed because of COVID-19, I figured that this is the best time to come back, get up on my feet, and get high school done with because I’m so close to graduating.

I basically just want everyone to know that I haven’t had it easy, that I’m a teen mom, and that I’m making it successfully. Just because you’re going through a hard time right now doesn’t mean it will always be like that; things get better. The way I cope with things in my life is to stay focused and organized and positive and on task.

I am here to help with organization and planners, or even if you need to talk about family issues, I’m here – just text me at (720) 682-5850.
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