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Engagement Centers

Middle & High School Engagement Centers


Welcome to the EC!  



What is the Engagement Center?

Montrose County School District has implemented a secondary level program to provide a tiered system of support for students who struggle to be successful in a traditional school setting. The goal of this support system is to help at-risk students gain and strengthen the tools they need to be successful in a school environment. This program is focused on strengthening the skills of the whole child, socially, emotionally, physically, and academically. By working with students in smaller groups we can build stronger relationships to help engage our students.  In building these relationships, we learn about our students’ interests and work to help provide opportunities for them to explore these interests.

Areas of Focus

Academics – Credit Recovery
Behavior – Social/Emotional Skills; Restorative Practices                                  
Family & Community Resources
Workforce Readiness

Characteristics of an Engagement Center classroom
    10:1 student teacher ratio
    Individualized instruction
    Social emotional learning (Capturing Kids Hearts & Leadworthy)
    Life tools: organizational skills, mindfulness, time management
    Outdoor Learning and Community Service Opportunities
    Visits to trade schools and local colleges

Meet the EC Staff
Program Director
Mr. Jack Christensen

Middle School Liaisons
Centennial: Ms. Cassidy Bowman

Columbine: Mrs. Susan Beutler

High School Liaisons

MHS: Mrs. Jessica Wallace

OMHS: Ms. Leslie Kaminski

Engagement Center Counselor
Mrs. Monica Voehringer

Thank you to our Sponsors! 

The following businesses and organizations are helping to support the Engagement Center through financial donations that support our Field trips and community learning opportunities
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