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Early Childhood Center Classrooms

Red Class

Ms. Darlene

Classroom hours
 AM 7:45-11:15   
PM 12:00-3:30

Brown Class

Ms. Barb & Ms. Iris

Classroom hours   7:30am to 3:45pm

Yellow Class

Ms. Lisa & Ms. Nancy

Classroom hours 7:30am-3:45pm

Black Class

Ms. Jen T & Ms. Miranda

Classroom hours 
AM 7:45-11:15 
 PM 12:00-3:30

Teal Class

Mr. Bob & Ms. Anne

Classroom hours AM 7:30-11:00

Green Class

Ms. Cherie & Ms. Rose

Classroom hours AM 7:45-11:15 

White Class

Ms. Erica C & Ms. Brittnee

Classroom hours 
 AM 7:30-11:00 
PM 11:45-3:15

Burgundy Class

Ms. Melissa & Ms. Ana

Classroom hours 7:45-4:00pm

Gray Class

Ms. White & Ms. Estrella

Classroom hours 7:45-4:00pm 

Pink Class

Ms. Bobbi & Ms. Jen R

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