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What is the Peak schedule?

The schedule depends on your student’s grade level. Student Hub to see specific information.

How big are classes?

Our hybrid classes have a maximum of 17 students.

What activities can my student participate in?

Field trips, dances, activity days, PBLs, clubs, and student council (for high school students) are available throughout the year.

How rigorous is Peak Academy?

We provide a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for college, the military, or other post-secondary endeavors.

Is there a graduation ceremony?

Yes – Peak has a full graduation ceremony.

Can my student receive a regular diploma?

Yes – students receive a CDE approved diploma that is comparable to a traditional school.

I am out of district, can my student still attend Peak?

Peak is considered a single district online and hybrid school. This means we can only take students from the Montrose County School District.

What curriculum does Peak use?

Peak uses a variety of curriculums including Edgenuity, Google, Achieve3000, and teacher created curriculum.

Can my student be part time?

Yes, but students must have at least 2 classes.

How much time per day will my student be on the computer?

Students should expect to spend a minimum of 1 hour per day per class. Average students have 5-6 classes every trimester.

What is my role as a parent?

Parents are partners with Peak staff in their student’s education. Parents are expected to monitor their student’s progress daily. They are also expected to work with their student to ensure that they are on track with their classes.

What happens if my student doesn’t keep up with their school work?

If a student falls behind, we have both the parent and student come in for a meeting with the Dean of Students.

Do you accept everyone who applies?

No. While we would love to accept all qualified applicants, Peak is based in a smaller building so we have limited space.
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