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Register for Peak Academy - HYBRID

A Blended Learning Community

Peak Academy is a blended educational environment in Montrose County. Do you have a prospective Peak student? Find out if registering for Peak Academy is the right choice for you and your student.

Register for MCSD K-12 ONLINE

Register for the MCSD K-12 ONLINE (100% Online Learning) by clicking on the link: CLICK HERE

Transitioning from:

Traditional or Private School to Peak?

The diversity of Peak makes it so that students transferring from any type of school can find a way to fit in with the other students, teachers, and curriculum.

Many families need a more flexible learning environment. Peak combines all the rigor of a traditional school with a blended schedule environment. Enrollment as a prospective Peak student will give your student the ability to socialize with teachers and students as he or she could before, but in a more personal manner.
Homeschool to Peak?

Students who are coming from homeschool to Peak will enjoy personalized time with the teachers and smaller class sizes. Prospective Peak students will have the ability to socialize with fellow students and teachers.
Peak provides a safe and caring environment to nurture and challenge your student. We are focused on developing close relationships with students and families by creating a strong sense of community.
A Different Online School to Peak?

Often, teachers at online schools are hard to reach. However, all Peak teachers work at various MCSD locations and are accessible during the school day. They can be reached through in-person classes, small groups, and tutoring.

Registration process for Peak Hybrid:

Step One

Complete the registration paperwork!
Step Two

Attend one of the information sessions or take an individual tour.
Step Three

Once all paperwork has been completed and submitted online, one of our secretaries will call and let you know the status of your registration.  Please allow us 2-3 weeks after submission to contact you.

Ready to Register?

Are you ready to register for Peak?

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