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The I.C.A.P. (Individual Career and Academic Plan) is a multi-year process, starting in 9th grade, to help students set and achieve meaningful postsecondary goals.  MHS students will be using My Colorado Journey along with other resources to develop and review their plan.

A meaningful I.C.A.P….

  • Begins in ninth-grade as an annual process (schools can voluntarily choose to begin ICAP in sixth-grade)
  • Is captured in an electronic or paper format to be saved with the student’s record
  • Encompasses individual/self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning and personal financial literacy

Grade Level ICAP Information

10th Grade
My Next Move (link to O'net Interest Profiler)

11th Grade
Learning Styles Quiz

Click on the link below to take time management quiz:
Time Management Quiz

12th Grade
Click HERE to complete your Senior Conference Survey.
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