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Our School

MHS LEADs academic excellence to prepare students for post secondary opportunities.
Mission – LEAD from the Front
MHS Educational Community creates a culture of life-long Learners, welcomes and accepts diversity, challenges all to achieve Excellence, fosters a spirit of Accountability, and encourages everyone to Dream within a safe environment.
  • Learn: lead by being a life-long learner
  • Excellence: lead by achieving excellence
  • Accountability: lead by being accountable for your actions
  • Dream: lead by daring to dream big
  • MHS values learning through a variety of activities which promote life-long learning.
  • MHS values diversity and expects an environment of tolerance.
  • MHS values excellence by setting and achieving rigorous expectations..
  • MHS values autonomous learners who are accountable for their actions.
  • MHS values a culture which promotes learners of all abilities to achieve their dreams.
  • Meet or exceed state average on all standardized tests by the year 2014.
  • Once the state average is realized, MHS will increase scores by 2% annually.
  • MHS will meet annual growth projections in all sub-areas.
  • MHS staff will implement and refine the RtI process.
  • MHS will promote a collegial environment and implement Positive Behavior Support to affect school climate and culture.
  • MHS will use data driven instructional practices to raise student achievement.
  • MHS will model PLC’s centered on the four critical questions.
MCSD School Board Goals
We are committed to serving the children and citizens of this school district. We will strive to provide a high quality public education, that meets the needs of our community. We believe that the success of the Montrose County School District RE-1J depends on a shared vision among the school board, staff, parents, and community, and we will try to the best of our ability to uphold these aspirations.
  • Student achievement and learning are top priority.
    1. Goal 1: Score at/above average on all statewide indicators in three years (2014-2015)
    2. Goal 2: After reaching “Averages” each area will increase at a rate of 2% per year.
  • The district recognizes that staff is our most valuable asset.
  • The district will maintain facilities to the best of our ability.
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