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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

MHS Library Policies and Procedures
Updated 12/14/2021

Students may check out (circulate) up to five items at a time if their account is in good standing.

  • Books circulate 3 Weeks (15 school days)
  • Audio Books circulate 2 Weeks (10 school days)
  • Magazines are not being circulated during the COVID pandemic.
  • Some reference books may be checked out overnight, unless they are part of a set/series.
  • All items are due at the end of the quarter/semester.

Items may be renewed in person with your student ID card, short lunch #, or the item.

Students may also renew online by signing in to Destiny Discover.
Login: your student number   (typically located on your student ID card, ex. 975xxx or 100xxx)
Password: Firstinitial Lastinitial @ six digit date of birth.

Students are typically allowed to renew an item unless someone has put in a hold or reservation for it.

Fines and Fees:
For the time being, due to the pandemic and occasional quarantines, we are not charging any late fees. 
Please try to return your books as soon as you finish them on the days you are in school.

Student accounts remain in good standing and clear for checkout, unless you lose a book. If you lose a book, you must pay for it before being allowed to resume checkout privileges.

Lost/Damaged Books:
Students are assessed a fee for the price of replacing a book if it is lost/damaged or 60 days overdue.

Questions? See Ms. Lori or Mrs. Susan in the library Media Center.

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