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Technology & iPad Information

Technology & iPad Information

  • Beginning August 2016, every full-time MHS student will be allowed to check out an iPad after paying the $30 Technology Fee. Part-time students may be issued an iPad depending on course requirements.
  • Tech Fees can be paid during registration or online through the Infinite Campus parent portal. See Mrs. Judy Wallace ([email protected]) in the Finance Office, if you have questions or you may reach her at 970-249-6636 x4302.
  • Every family must also complete the iPad Technology Permission Form. A Spanish version is being created.
  • For general reminders about iPad use, download this handout; we pass it out during registration. Parent Student Family Technology Reminders.pdf
  • Just like a textbook or a calculator, every student is responsible for his/her own iPad. If a student loses or damages their device, he/she will need to pay for repairs or replacement.
  • Students should never leave their iPad unattended. If you walk to City Market or a nearby restaurant, never leave your iPad or backpack unattended at the front door. Request a locker in the main office if you need a safe place to store your iPad during lunch.
  • If your iPad is lost or stolen, report it to IT in the library as soon as possible. They are easiest to locate while your device is on wifi and while it still holds a charge. The longer you wait, the more likely you will end up paying to replace it.
  • In May, each student will return his/her iPad and their cord and charger for the summer. Late iPads will be assessed a $30 fee.

Apps: Students will receive their apps through the student Self Service app.

Lost or Missing iPads:
Geek Squad can also ping your iPad if it is lost; this feature only works if your iPad has location services turned on and is charged. If you misplace your iPad at school, please come to the IT office in the library right away.
If your iPad is stolen off campus, report it to the Montrose Police Department: 970-252-5200
If your iPad is stolen on campus, report it to our Campus Police Officer and IT Department in the library. 

Cyber Bullying, Code of Conduct Violations, and Behavior that Violates District Policy should be reported to administration immediately. Whenever possible, take screenshots or pictures or save evidence. Cyberbullying and any form of violence should be reported immediately to local police (970-252-5200) and/or Safe To Tell. 

iPad Air Generation 7 Charges/Fees
Technology Use Fee
$30 per MHS Student; $90 max for families with 3 or more Montrose High School students.
iPad Replacement Cost
$300 for lost, stolen, broken, run-over, bent, or water-damaged iPads. Please note that LCDs/digitizers are not cost effective to repair--the device will have to be replaced.
Screen/Device Repair Breakdown
$200 for broken screens that can be repaired by Apple
Other repairs/replacements vary based on prices from Apple; this includes things like headphone jacks and charging ports.
Case/Cover Replacement

Cord Replacement
$19.00 (USB-C to Lightening Cable for Apple iPad 9: Apple Certified Cord, from Apple)
Charger Replacement
$19.00 (USB-C Charger Block for Apple iPad 9: Apple Certified Charger, from Apple)

*These prices are subject to change based on availability and pricing of Apple Certified products.
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