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Volleyball players


Practices: Start on August 24, 2021
Monday - Friday from 3:45 - 5:00 PM (Wed. 3:45- 5:00)
Price: $50

CtMS 7th and 8th grade Volleyball begins August 24th. 7th and 8th grade volleyball will practice after school on Tuesday, Aug 24th from 4-5 pm and Wednesday, Aug 25th from 3-5 pm only for these 2 days then we will go to our regular schedule :)

7th grade will practice at 6:30 AM every day except on game days!!

(Supervision provided on Wednesdays from 2:40 pm-3:45 pm)

Yellow Pass Process
Students athletes will not be able to practice or play until ALL paperwork and payment have been made. Once the student-athlete is cleared they will receive a yellow pass which then will be given to the coach. The student-athlete will then be able to participate.

Please check announcements and the website to find out when the start date for when each sport begins.

7th Grade: Piquette, Pulford, Richmond
8th Grade: Cox, Roome
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