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CPP District Advisory Council

CPP Parents Needed for District Advisory Council
Briefly, the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) is an early childhood preschool program that has been around since 1988 established by the Colorado General Assembly. It is intended to serve children 3-4 years of age who have certain risk factors mandated by the State Legislature. Four-year-olds must have at least one (1) and 3-year-olds must have at least three (3) risk factors.

The Colorado State Legislature also mandates that the CPP have a District Advisory Council to oversee the management and implementation of the program. The Council is to be made up of school district employees, staff, community members and parents of currently enrolled children. We are not a governing board - solely an advisory board. The roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • attending Council meetings (of which there are six scheduled). A seventh is added at the end of the year, if deemed necessary
  • assisting with the completion of the Request for Proposal (RFP), where we invite community early childhood programs to see if they are interested in delivering CPP services
  • assisting with the reapplication in the spring (this annual report goes to the Colorado Department of Education)
  • assisting with conducting two classroom observations (fall and spring) to monitor overall program compliance and make recommendations for any needed improvements
  • assisting with updating District Comprehensive Plan which addresses five areas critical to an early childhood program in achieving immediate and long lasting success. Areas include: quality of the program staff development, family involvement, and family support services program evaluation.
Members are instrumental in helping us provide quality services to the children and families.

We appreciate your help and support!
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