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Health Services

Our Commitment to the Health and Safety of Students…
Montrose County School District is committed to providing a safe and healthy school environment. It is our priority to give our utmost attention to the health and safety of students and staff when developing health related programs, policies and procedures.

Our Mission Statement…
“We strive to build healthier lives for our students, promote wellness, prevent disease, and increase academic achievement and success.”

Who we are and what we do…

Health Services for Montrose and Olathe Schools include 3 full time School District Registered Nurses who supervise, manage, and oversee 11 full time Health Techs who are trained in basic CPR/First Aid.

Important things to know:

    Colorado law requires all students attending Colorado schools and licensed child cares to be vaccinated against certain diseases unless a medical or non-medical exemption is filed.  For more information about vaccine requirements, resources and exemptions, please visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s page CLICK HERE.

    Current health information should be updated yearly and anytime there are changes. Please download form, fill out and return to your student's school

        Health History 2019-20 English.pdf
        Health History 2019-20 Spanish.pdf

    Vision and hearing screenings are performed at specific grade levels each year. Parents will receive referral information if results from a screening warrant further evaluation.

    The Northside Child Health Center located at 528 N. Uncompahgre Ave. provides health services, dental hygiene services, mental health services, and immunizations for enrolled students throughout the Montrose community. For further information about which medical insurances are accepted, please call (970) 240-6438.


Health Services Guidelines and Procedures

Illness Guidelines
Children should stay home if they are ill. Please DO NOT send your child to school if he/she is ill with fever (>100.0 F), a persistent/uncontrollable cough, contagious disease, a rash that has not been identified by a healthcare provider, nausea/vomiting, or diarrhea. Illness Policy English.pdf - Illness policy Spanish.pdf

Medication Administration in School
Medications at school.pdf - Medicamentos en la escuela.pdf
Permission for Medication .pdf
Permission to Carry Medication.pdf (must be in grade 4 or above)

Head Lice in Schools
To view our current guidelines and procedures on head lice:
Guidelines on Head Lice in Schools Childcare.pdf
MCSD Guidelines on Head Lice K-12 English.pdf
MCSD Guidelines Head Lice K-12 Spanish.pdf
Parent Instructions for treating head lice:
MCSD Inst for Treating Head Lice-Parents.pdf
Parent Instructions Lice Spanish.pdf
Severe Food Allergy Procedural Manual_MCSD2017[1].pdf
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