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Academic Services

Academic Services Department

Jessica Beller, Executive Director of Academic Services
Deann Balash, Administrative Assistant
John Steele, Secondary Curriculum | STEM Coordinator
Jamie Simo, Elementary Curriculum Coordinator
Linda Weyers, Title/Federal Programs Coordinator
Lacy Browning, ESSER Grants Manager
Crystal Sabatke-Smith, District Assessment Coordinator
Kattie Ayer, SIS Manager
Patty Edstrom, Culture and Equity Coordinator
Niki Taylor, ELPA Coordinator
James Burwell, GATE Coordinator

Curriculum Philosophy

Curriculum Philosophy

The Montrose and Olathe School District faculty and administration believe written, taught, learned, and tested curriculum must be congruent in order to provide students with an effective educational experience.
We believe curriculum review must be on-going within an established system so that revision, implementation, refinement/development, and evaluation occur.

Curriculum Decisions

Curriculum decisions in the Montrose County School District are guided by:

  • State and national standards
  • Needs of the community
  • Social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of our students
  • Current educational research
  • Staff input

Developing a Curriculum

Developing a Curriculum

In developing a curriculum, the following components are included in our instructional practices:
  • Measurable goals, objectives, standards
  • A balance of concepts, content knowledge, real-world application, and critical thinking
  • Use of formative and summative data to inform planning and practice
  • Effective research-based strategies and varied instructional strategies
  • Use of technology
  • Active engagement of students
  • Provisions for multiple resources
  • Interdisciplinary approaches

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Instructional Services Email Contact Form
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