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Voice Recognition
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Outer Range

At Outer Range, we believe that we reach our greatest capacity when we are experiencing the outdoors. Faced with the unknown and ever changing natural world, we become confident, skilled, and resilient.  It is in this space that we are profoundly altered by nature, adventure and the people we share it with.  It is through ground-breaking shared experiences that our true self is unearthed and our community celebrated. The pulse of nature and the people near, keep us rooted to what matters most and allows us to achieve our academic and personal goals, finding purpose through the heartbeat beneath our feet. 

Academic success cultivated in a natural learning environment, 

supporting your child with personalized learning and preparing students for life-long learning success.

Summer Season Gear Prep & Exchange 
(for currently enrolled families)
August 11th from 4:00 - 7:00

Watch a Little of Our Inspiration

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