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Student Hub

Peak Academy Student Hub

Everything You Need to Know as a Peak Student

This is the Peak Academy Student Hub, where you can find information on your schedules, log-in sites, and the Peak and Montrose County School District calendar.
Click for the 2021/2022 Peak Parent/Student Handbook.  


You must take tests and exams inside the Peak building. Everyone may have one 5” x 8” note card that you may bring with you for Edgenuity tests. This note card must have the student’s name and be given to a teacher at the end of testing, where they will be saved. Students may use all of their notecards from tests for the final exams.

School Hours

Peak is open to students on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:45 in the morning until 3:45 in the afternoon. On Wednesdays, from 7:45 in the morning and stay until 2:30 in the afternoon.

Attendance Contract

There will be significant consequences for students who fall behind the pacing and have an actual grade below 65%. Because students are able to work ahead, there is never a reason for students to fall substantially behind. If you fall behind, you will be put on an attendance contract. To learn more on the attendance contract, click here.

Do You Need to Login?

Edgenuity and Google Classroom are the two main platforms you use for your school. You will need to login to both with a specific username and password.

Login: Edgenuity

  1. The username will follow this format: firstlast7928
  2. Your username is only the first three letters of your first name and the first five letters of your last name.
  3. The password is your Student ID plus the number 0, which can be found on your School ID card.

Edgenuity Login Example Gif

Login: Canvas

  1. The username is the students email ([email protected])
  2. The password is your Student ID plus the number 0
  3. Click here to log in:
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