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Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards

It is the goal of Montrose & Olathe Schools is that all students entering our high schools will graduate with life skills and knowledge required to enter into the workforce, begin a career, attend college, or other post secondary education opportunities of their choice, without remediation.  The Colorado Academic Standards will help us achieve this goal.

Common Core Fact Sheet
1.  When, How and Who Adopted Common Core  
•    2008- Colorado Passed Senate Bill 212.  Bill directed Colorado Department of Education to update its academic standards in ten content areas
•    2009 -State Board of Education adopted the revised Colorado Academic Standards
•    2009- Nationwide focus on Common Core Standards through the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).  Parents, teachers, school administrators and experts from across the country working with the NGA and CCSSO had a critical voice in the development of the standards.
•    2010- Colorado State Board of Education made the decision to align the Colorado Academic Standards to the Common Core Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts
•    July 2013- 45 states and District of Columbia have adopted Common Core State Standards in both English language arts and mathematics.
•    Colorado has had standards for student learning for 20 years since 1995, and has tested students on those standards since 1996..

2.  Major Difference with new Colorado Academic Standards
•    Standards are based on the most current education research
•    Aligned with college and work expectations:  Better prepares students for workforce and post secondary experiences
•    Increases rigor and expectations for all students
•    Will set the bar as the U.S. competes with other countries and allow us to better judge how we are doing in terms of student achievement
•    Colorado Academic Standards increases the focus on writing and critical thinking
•    Colorado Academic Standards increases the focus on reading in all subject areas, not just English and literature
•    Colorado Academic Standards in math are more focused and coherent to make sure students are learning and absorbing the critical information they need to succeed at higher levels.

3.  What do the Common Core State Standards Achieve?
•    Sets the expectations for what students need to know and be able to do by the end of each grade and subject
•    Prepare students better for post-secondary education
•    Build a stronger workforce in Colorado
•    Students will be prepared to compete with others from around the nation and the world for best jobs available
•    School Board, Administrators & Teachers determine exactly the curriculum used (what we teach students and how we teach students)

4.  How to get involved if you have concerns and/or questions:
•    District Accountability Committee (Contact Laurie Pascoe, Director of Instruction at [email protected])

•    School Accountability Committee ( Contact your local Principal)
•    Attend School Board Meetings- 1st Tuesday of every Month @ 6:30 pm
•    Contact your school principal or a teacher
•    Parent Teacher Conferences

For more information on Common Core and Colorado Academic Standards visit the following websites:

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