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Bus Transportation

Montrose County School District contracts out to Student Transportation of America (STA) to provide transportation for our students.

Note From Student Transportation of America (STA)  


Our Goal:  To guarantee that your child and the other children riding the school bus have safe transportations they deserve during this school year.  STA has adopted the following Progressive Discipline Plan to address student misconduct while on the school bus.  This plan is comprised of both expectations, consequensces and is supported with direct intervention by all building principals. 

Our Philosophy:  We believe that all students can behave appropriately and safely while riding on the school bus.  We will not condone or tolerate student behavior(s) that are either disruptive or distract our drivers from the safe operation of the school bus. Student behavior(s) that endanger the health, safety or welfare of the driver, monitor, faculty, students or the general public while on the school bus will be subject to this plan.

Rules of this plan are detailed in the links below.

Detailed consequences for those students who choose to violate the rules are clearly listed.  Please note your student’s principal will be contacting you in all situations where a misconduct notice is issued and that a riding suspension or loss of students transportation privileges may be included with the third and fourth Misconduct Notices.

Should any misconduct be extreme in nature to endanger the safe transportation of all students, steps listed on the reverse side may be bypassed, resulting in immediate suspension of all riding privileges as determined by your student’s building administrator.

Please discuss the transportation expectations with your student(s) to be sure they are clearly understood.  Thank you in advance for your support of our program.

Operations/Terminal Manager                                                                           Transportation Coordinator MCSD RE-1J
STA Montrose                                                                                                        Montrose Colorado
970-249-0919                                                                                                        970-252-7934

Forms from STA

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