MHS Partner PE

What is it?

Partner PE is a success oriented physical education program featuring supervised peer tutors and individualized learning and instruction.

It is taught currently by Melanie Winkler, Physical Educator in conjunction with the Certified Adapted Physical Educator (CAPE) and is established as a regular unit of instruction in the master schedule. The purpose of the program is to encourage physical activity, increase knowledge of health and fitness strategies, and assist in the acquisition of individual lifetime recreation activities and/or skills associated with team sports. 

APE hula hoop makin 2 F2014.jpgape hula hoop 2

APE QR code reading 1 F2014.jpgAPE QR code reading 1 F2014.jpg
In the pictures to the right students are scanning QR codes with iPads to watch exercise videos and perform them with their peer partners!

In the pictures above students and peer partners are working together to make hula hoops from irrigation tubing!